Supporting People Dealing with Homelessness.

We believe that everyone should have a warm place to stay and have a place to call home, whether they have fled from a war torn country or have simply fallen on hard times, our aim is for all members of Community, to come together to help in providing shelter, food, drink and clothing for the needy and the destitute.

Our outreach team is continuously on the look out for generous help from local community members.

Often food is donated and at other times, non food items are purchased with generous donations from local businesses and individuals.

Local Businesses provide hot food and drinks, clothing and toiletries for homeless people and those in need.

Since Homeless Aid was set up, we have been amazed at the support we have received for the homeless individuals.

Already we have helped many individuals as well as other community organisations with Homeless Aid.

We have seen individuals turn their lives around with support to overcome their plights, find a job and find accommodation.

Our aim is to continue to do this and help every homeless person, where possible, to come off the street – it’s a slow process but with Community working together, we can put a smile on a needy person!.